Nov 10
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In This World

In this world,
the rain never stops.
The sky is permanently gray,
dark clouds always looming over
the dreary and empty towns.
No one goes out anymore, and
everything is perpetually wet.
Everyone is sad,
and even the town seems to frown.

In my world,
the grass is green
and the sky is blue,
and full of dreams and kites
and birds.
Kids are always playing, and
people are always out,
soaking up the sunlight,
and smiles are always plastered on their face.

In this world,
crime litters the streets.
Sirens are heard,
instead of laughter.
The newspaper loaded with only bad news,
and no one goes out.
Shops are closed, the owners
fear looters and robbers.
And, still, the rain never stops.

In my world,
everyone gets along.
People litter the streets,
holding hands and singing songs.
The moon sings to earth,
a sweet lullaby,
and even the stars dance,
in the night.
Dreams fill the sky,
and angels watch over them, grinning.

In this world,
the Government is corrupt.
They have the power, not the people.
They make the rain.
They’re the reason
for the crimes.
They care about money
over people and happiness.
They’ve created this world.

In my world,
the people have the power,
the real power.
They have the power to create happiness.
They use their power for good,
and prioritize people.
Money isn’t important.
Art, songs, and dance, joy, and people
are important.

In this world,
starvation and poverty,
are more common than they should be.
Food is scarce,
and jobs are limited.
The streets are war-zones for those in need.
There are no supplies.
Only the rich survive,
in this world.

In my world,
food is rich in nutrition and taste.
No one goes hungry.
The business world isn’t important
and wealth isn’t measured in money.
Everyone is happy with themselves,
and, here, it never rains.
Only the happy survive,
in my world.
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