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          Pepper Jack and the buffet


One day Pepper Jack the chicken was getting all the baby chickens their food. That was pepper jacks job. She had to feed all the babies every day and make sure that they got good nutrients from the grass, and from bugs. She was very good at it too. She had a perfect record of her work. Her boss, Big Red, was the one who was incharge of every teenager chicken working with the babies. Everyday Pepper Jack and the babies schedule was to eat, play, nap, eat agion then go to bed. But one day all that changed.
    Big Red came out of her house with a big buffet. She had everything to grass to bugs to worms to berries to vegetables. Pepper Jack asked big red why she was doing it and big red told her that the  supreme beings, (also known as humans) needed their eggs, so she wanted the babies to grow up big and strong. Pepper jack understood and thought about the babies growing up as Big Red went back into her house. The babies loved it, and once they were all done eating, the neighbors the ducks came over to have a meal too. Pepper Jack watched the ducks eat and thought to herself, I don't think that it is fair that the ducks get to eat all that food. And I don't think that it is fair that we tenagers only eat grass and bugs all day. So she walked over to the buffet table and yelled out loud, “Food!” Then she started shoveling all the food she could possibly fit, into her mouth. The ducks stopped eating and just looked at her like she was the rudest person in the world. Then the ducks wobbled away to their home and Pepper Jack was satisfied.
    The next day Big Red had an announcement to make in front of the whole chicken community. Everyone gathered up and waited for big Red to talk. Big Red said that the ducks didn't get enough food the day before and that they were very sick because of that. Too sick to even walk. She said that the supreme beings had to take care of them. She also said that a chicken might have something to do with it but she didn't know who. Everyone talked about it and then Pepper Jack couldn't stand it any more. She confessed that she ate all the food and that she thought that it wasn't fair that the two ducks got to eat and that she didn't. But Big Red said that chickens don't whine and that the chicken community lets every bird do as they please. Pepper Jack considered this and realized that she had been a little selfish and greedy. She agreed to apologize to the ducks and help the supreme beings cure their sickness.
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