Dec 09
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The loss.
She runs away.

Away from the sorrow

The pain

The loss.

She knows

That he is gone.

All that is left to do is run.


Far away from the italian village she knows so very well.

She needs him back.

She misses

His love for her.

She knows he has passed.

To the next life.

She will never forget

The joy he brought for her.

She's gone.

The guilt.

She watched.

His last few seconds

So suddenly he was gone.

She has nothing.

Except the sorrow.

And the pain.

His heart and hers.

Paired together for life.

But now she watches him going down

Into the black casing

The rose she gave

To his corpse.

They lowered him down

Into the earth.

She goes back.

To the village she knows so very well.


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