Dec 11
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A home on the court

I feel most confident, most strong, most comfortable, most me on the basketball court. I feel like the basketball court is my home. When I make a mistake in basketball, I feel like I can learn from it and move on. When I make a mistake anywhere else, except for my house, I feel like people will judge me. At basketball I can be different. I don't need to fit in. I can stand out. I can be me, Madison Powers.

I love basketball. When I step onto the court I feel like it's meant to be. Without basketball there would be a big part of me missing. When I am on the basketball court I feel confident and strong. There are some kids that are forced to participate in sports by their parents. But not me, I choose to do sports. I work hard at my school work so that I can play sports.Basketball is fun and I feel more relaxed and have more energy when I play. I like being part of a team because it's a way to interact with others and meet new people. I love being able to travel and see new schools I haven't seen before. ( And having dinners with the team is special.) This is a quote by Lindsey Vonn. It’s very powerful to me. “The most powerful, enduring, and life-shaping strength you can ever build is the one of self-love. And if you can learn to love yourself, you will be beautiful on the inside and out, no matter how you age or your body changes, forever and ever.” Lindsey Vonn Feels probably most at home on the skiing hill and I feel the same way, but with basketball  I hope this quote made you feel just as powerful by reading it as I do from writing it.