Feb 02
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Two men step into a subway car. They are the only ones - it is late at night. 
"Excuse me, sir, don't I know you?"
"I'm sorry, I don't know you."
"It's me, Marcus! I think we went to high school together."
"Marcus Donnelly?"
"That's the one!"
"Yeah, yeah, it's coming back to me...we were pretty tight, weren't we?"
"I seem to remember that. Didn't you graduate at the top of your class?"
"That I did. We were closer than two peas in a pod-"
"Top of your class! That's amazing! What're you doing now?"
"I'm a lawyer in Cinncinati. Really, though, we were so close..."
"I remember. I remember why we parted ways."
"Oh, really? Well, this is my stop, so I should probably be-" GREG grabs Marcus's sleeve, glares at him.
"You took Jeanette from me. I came home from lacrosse practice, and there you were, necking on the couch."
"C'mon, man, it wasn't like that."
"Oh, really, Marcus? What was it like, then? Tell me that, Marcus."
"Well, like I said, this is my stop-"
"No, Marcus, it's not. I know for a fact that you are going to Broadway."
"You have two tickets in your pocket for a show. C'mon, Marcus. You really think I'm a washed-up lawyer, even after all these years?
"So who's the lucky girl?"
"Are you serious? Jeanette? After everything? You know what? Fine. Get out next stop. See if I care. Just, know, Marcus, that you ruined something good."
The ride to the next stop is dead silent, save for the cars thumping on the unseen tracks in the dark.