Feb 05

The war-stricken country

I stand in the deserted street, staring ahead. What once used to be young lively city has now become a canvas for the evil, they paint it with our blood, it's a battleground, abandoned and forgotten. I remember when I could go outside without worrying about beieng slaughtered, I remember when we were happy, but that just exists in the fragments of my memory. Look at what's become of my country, it turned so ugly, so vile and so sad.
Evil people exist everywhere, they only care for themselves, have you ever wondered what makes people commit such heinous of deeds, to forget all of humanity, to take a life. How is this justified, it's not, it's not!
If only the privileged cared about the ones living in the war-stricken countries, of the poor and of the needy but they don't, they're all consumed by greed, by their petty problems, and we're all left alone, left alone to starve, to die.
Look at that great nation, now ruled by a bigot. How did this happen? They call it the land of the brave, home of the free, is it really? How did a racist bigot become the president of that great nation? 
Is skin color really that important, why does gender have to matter, why are we judged because of our sexuality, we are human aren't we?
Look at what the world's become. Look at what my countries become!
Sad isn't it? Tragic isn't it?