Feb 06


As a little kid,
I felt the need
​to constantly
prove myself
as stronger,
​smarter, and
all around better
than my
male counterparts
to be seen
​as equal.

I've always been
proud of the
things I do
that aren't
​like welding
​and playing
​with power tools.

​I've considered
myself a feminist
​in the sense
that I believe
that men
and women
should have equal

​But the word
​makes me
​There is a girl
​in one of my classes
​that was described
as a feminist,
​but my peers
​used the word
like it was

I became confused
the people
that said this
believe in
the principles
​that feminism
is based on,
but they believe
​is bad
​they believe
that feminists
at too pushy,
​too bossy,
​too rude.

Sure some
feminists are,
​but not all
are that way,
and now I
​don't ever want
​to say or
​hear the word
​because they
made the meaning
of it so
unclear and