Feb 08
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The Horror of Monsters

    On this dark night, or on any dark night, there was a freaky lightening storm but no rain. Then I looked out my window and saw a dark, black, furry creature on my lawn so I hid under my blankets. The next morning I quickly got dressed and ran outside. Suddenly I saw  big, sharp claw marks in the dirt. “A werewolf”! I yelled in horror and I ran inside. 

The next morning I went swimming out deep in the ocean and saw a big white shark. This wasn’t just any shark. It was a ghost shark. I swam quickly back to shore. When I was on the beach, I looked out through my binoculars and I saw a green creature in the water. It was the Loch Ness monster eating Benjamin Franklin! So, I called animal control but the Loch Ness monster ate them too!  So, I just gave up and went home. 

A werewolf, the Loch Ness monster, and ghost sharks; I think that’s enough monsters for three days. I never want to get into that big parade of monsters again!
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