Feb 08

Ramblings of An Unloved

I traveled through the hall, 
The airy flow of poets before me
The ones who did something
They all say
“I swear to you
I will never change
We are different it’s the best thing about us”
Then the fatal signs come along and they become a coin
Flipping and changing, picking a side
And sometimes when you are different, 
When you are special
You have to get used to being alone.
Maybe it is because no one cares enough to take the time
Because it takes time for someone to get used to different 
Most people shy away from it. The word. Different. 
And usually the laughing, the crippled depressed laugh 
That usually comes out when people are tired of being the freaks
The weirdos, the unwanted wannabees.
Tired of being the one that, whatever god is up there, messed up on.
That laugh is released from an outcast 
I won’t be one of the people who tells you “Chin up”
I won’t lie to you, it isn’t gonna be easy. 
And there'll be some days when life just sucks.
But, those are the days that build you.
They are who you are and no matter how hard
Your heart and body aches, embrace it
Because they aren’t leaving. Your insecurities, the demons in your head.
They are here to stay. Because so are you.
About the Author: lila woodard
'But to make yourself feel nothing - so as not to feel anything - what a waste!' - Andre Aciman, Call Me By Your Name