Feb 10

Domestic Flowers

A row of terracotta flower pots,
filled to the brim with dirt,
sat on your windowsill.

There were seeds planted in those flower pots,
marigold seeds,
waiting for water to poke through the dirt.

But it doesn’t rain inside! I yelled.
But then I watched
as your poured water from a watering can.

The leftover water drained down,
down to the bottom of the flower pot
and out through the tiny hole in the bottom.

There must be grass to soak up the rain! I yelled.
But then I watched you placed the flowerpots on plates,
and watched you sponge up the spilled water.

Overtime, the roots began to spread,
and sneak out of the tiny hole in the bottom,
because there was no more room in the pot.

No flower can grow like that! I yelled.
But then I watched as the seed sprouted
and an grew and grew and grew.

An orange flower burst open,
vibrant colors dotted the windowsill,
bringing life to the terracotta pots.

If you cut it, it will die! I yelled.
And I watched as you snipped the stem,
and placed it in a vase.

I watched the orange flower wither,
and the dirt in the terracotta pots dry and crack,
and the windowsill become dusty.

You were right, you said.