Feb 17
fiction 0 comments challenge: Bully
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Dear Bully,

        Today I followed you around and just wanted to tell you this. Today you called that girl fat, well that girl you called fat is starving herself to lose weight. Also that teacher you called stupid went to college for 6 years straight and got her degree at one of the most high class college in the US. That boy you called a nerd, his mom has stage 3 cancer and might die and his dad left them when he was 2. The kid you pushed off the slide was blind in one eye and can't see anything to her left and her parents are going bankrupt. The new kid you said was ugly because of his scare on his head, he was hospitalised of 4 months after getting squished by a tree. You should think about bullying before you bully because you never know what that kid's life is at home.



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