Feb 17
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Chimes Sound

                                                            PART 1

There was a chime sound and I did not know what it was. I thought it was a bell but I was wrong. It could not be a bell. It has to be a chime sound but it sounds very creepy to hear chime sounds. I think someone is making that sound but I do not know. I think i’m wrong but there is one way to out. Chimes sounds are very creepy he said.” Let’s go look if it’s a chime sound. I don’t see any chime sounds anywhere. I think it is hiding on me. I have to find this annoying chime sound. These chime sounds are going to be destroyed if I find them. They make me very mad when I hear these chime sounds. Chime sounds are ok sometimes but not today, they are too loud for me. I cannot go to sleep when I hear these chime sounds. They help me stay up all night long. I can’t have fun with these chime sounds. It sounds like it’s coming out of every wall in our house.  

                                                             PART 2                

Weeks later I have hearing those chime sounds again. This is getting annoying with these chime sounds. I can’t even do my homework when I hear these chime sounds. Then the chime sounds blowed up the house, now we don’t have a house. Thank you from blowing up the house with these chime sounds. Why did the chime sounds blowed up our house, it doesn’t make sense how chime sounds are that powerful. Now the chime sounds are blowing up more stuff in our house. This is so terrible. We have no house. The house blow up because it was very powerful. Now lets not go near the chime sounds. How can a chime sound blow up a house? This is a very hard question for me to answer. Maybe it blowed up because it dosen’t like us and the house. I didn’t like that our house blow up by those chime sounds so quickly.                                                              

                                                   PART 3 ENDING

                             Then more stuff blew up like everything else. Everything else stopped and didn’t move. Something was wrong that it stopped like that. We had no answer that everything froze up so quickly. Then nothing else was bad ever again and they lived happily ever after THE END...

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