Feb 17
fiction 0 comments challenge: Bully
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    Dear Franchesichia,

I know you and me have had some problems lately and  I would like to fix that.

First off I would like you to stop calling me names, stop teasing me, and most importantly I would like you to stop bullying me. Also I would like you stop cyber bullying me. You should make a better choice by not joining groups and teasing other kids. You just have to believe that you can do this and not give up. Make things right and make thing better. Tell your bullying friends that you don’t want to be apart of that. If you do that they might not like it but they will do it too. Stand up for yourself and just be an upstander. Say NO to this nonsense that you have made and make the right choice. Say NO to bullying and say YES to upstanding.
    Sincerely, Mya

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