Feb 17
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Chimes Sound


    The wind chimes jingled in the summer wind. I glanced around our back yard, wondering where that sudden gust of wind came from. Another wind brushes across my yard. More jingles follow. My protective dog, Ivy came running out of her doggy-door as if she thought something was wrong.

“Julia” Dad screamed “Julia, come in and bring Ivy with you.”

It took me a minute, but I made my way to the house with the dog following. As I step through the front door, I see Dad put his iphone into his pocket and pick up his keys.

“Your mom’s giving birth”He says the second he sees me.

“What?” I ask in a very confused voice.

“I'll explain in the car” Dad says even more frantic than his first words.

With that we rushed to the car. While Dad pulled out of the driveway, he explained everything, yet it still made very little sense.

“So the day your mom and I were going to tell you, but you went to a friends house, then the day we were going to. Then, we had a doctor's appointment about the baby and then we decided to wait for the test results before we told you, so we could tell you if it was a boy or girl. Then your mom called and said the test results took too long, she said she’s in labor” Dad explained starting to loose his frantic voice and trading it for a slightly calmer voice.

I just didn't know how to respond to that. So, I nodded and looked at him. Luckily, the second it got a little awkward, we pulled into the hospital parking lot. Dad and I sprinted across the parking lot.

“Hi, Mom” I said as I walked into her room.

“Hi, Jules” She responded. Then Mom looked at dad “It's a boy”

“Any name ideas” Dad asked me.

I hesitated for a minute. I really had know idea what to name my soon to be brother. I sat down on one of the chairs in the hospital room. It took a minute to get my thoughts rolling. But once they did, I couldn't stop them.

“What if we name him, when we see him” Mom suggested, interrupting my thoughts.

Me and my dad glanced at each other then nodded. My dad sat down next to me. Then,the doctor came in and asked me to get out for a minute.

“I think the baby is almost ready” He told me when I asked why I had to leave.

I stepped out of the room and waited. I walked up and down the hallway filled with anxieties. I finally calmed down and found a chair not far from the door. I didn’t sit for long, but it felt like forever. At one point, Dad came out of the room.

“Do you want to come in?”He asked as if he didn’t know the answer.

Without even answering him, I darted into Mom’s hospital room as fast as my legs could carry me. I stepped into the room and caught the sight of my mom looking tired in bed. She was

holding a small baby boy bundled in a light blue blanket.

“Will” I said, almost to speechless to get that one word out.

“Perfect” Mom responded, as if she understood that I was trying suggest a name.

I looked at Dad who was looking towards Mom who was looking at Will. At that very moment I realized that my life changed forever. But it changed in the best way possible.      
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