Mar 31
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"Please, I just need some time alone for once in my life!"
"For once?! All you ever want is time alone! Why don't you just leave if you hate it here so much?! Why don't you just leave?! It's not like anyone here actually likes you anyway!"
"Trust me, I figured that out by now. I'm not as stupid as you'd like to think I am! You want me to leave? Fine! Have fun hating your life all on your lonesome!"
I ran. I ran harder and faster than I've ever run before. I ran until I couldn't breathe. And I kept running. I ran until I couldn't feel my legs. And I kept running. I ran until my lungs were on fire. And I kept running. "I have to get away from here! Away from all of these people who hate me! I will run and I will run and I will never stop running because if I don't ever stop running then maybe twenty years from now I'll be far enough away so that I can stop! But I'm not stopping now!!!"
Shortly after that, I passed out. Apparently you need to breathe to run. 
When I awoke, I walked on all fours to the nearest trees and forced myself to sit up. 
"Well. I'm never going back. So I might as well get comfortable."

"Austin... Austin... AUSTIN!!"
I open my eyes. 
"Come on, time for school."
How sad. I thought it was real. It was just another dream. Like every other good thing that happens in my life.