Workshop > A warm up
Apr 12

A warm up

So here's what you're going to do:
  1. Go to and read up on the concept -- choosing random photos to align to spur a story.
  2. Ready? Go to the "Play a Round" tab or
  3. Keep refreshing the page until you have five photos you like -- or that you think can lead you to create a story.
  4. RIGHT CLICK each photo and "Save as" to your desktop. NOTE: Please also save the name and link to the photo's creator for crediting in your post.
  5. Click RESPOND below and upload those photos from your download area to your new post form (if you click Advanced Upload you can highlight the five you downloaded and drop and drag for uploading; MUCH quicker)
  6. Write a story about the sequence of photos.
  7. Have Fun! (And do explore. You will note that this creation is by cogdog, a friend of mine who dwells in Strawberry, AZ (no kidding) who occasionally barks on this site.)