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May 01

A character

So another way to start a story is to focus on a character. In this case, it's going to be you. BUT... we want you to mix fact and fiction -- which seems to be a real trend lately in America. But have fun with it. Keep some essence of your character, your wants and likes/dislikes, but tell us a backstory. Who is this you character? Where does you live? Who is your family? Where do you live, etc... go wild, BUT keep it credible.

A backstory, by the way, is how did a character get the way she/he is; what are the conditions, experiences that went before the story you are about to tell.
Your backstory
Have fun with this one. BUT keep the core of your essence in tact as best you can. So write a longish or long paragraph telling us something about the real you with some fiction sprinkled in. Create some experiences or delve into some real experiences that helped shape you. Go ahead and use the THIRD person point of view when you write to give you some distance.