Jul 11

Catching Rain

I catch your tears,
Like rain in my hands.
I stand underneath your eyes,
Like I stand underneath the clouds.
I hold my hands up high,
Like leaky buckets,
So I can saver the moments I have with you.
I'll stop catching your rain,
So I can empty out my leaky buckets,
And every time I do that,
You cry harder than you do before,
So now a river surrounds you,
And each time I try to get back to you,
I can't.
Because my feet sink deep,
And my arms won't paddle,
And your rain pours down harder,
So hard,
And it hurts.
It hurts me physically,
And it hurts me emotionally,
Because I can't stand seeing you cry,
And that's why I have to call your tears rain.
So I don't start crying too.