Sep 14
Maisie N's picture


I could see without my eyes
The first time that you kissed me
Soundless with your lips on mine
Let your hand in mine deliver me
Feel my bare feet on the ground
Blessed be the mystery
Of love.

Because while I am a sinking ship at sea
You are a roaring riptide
My last chance at a life lived completely
Without my regrets stinging my bleary eyes
Looking back on fuzzy memories.
How I used to live-- to survive.

After I was built up for years
You were so quick to knock me down
An all-too-painful reality check
I become so detached when you're not around
Because you are a giant and I'm but a speck.
Throw me in the ocean to see if I drown
See if I swim or if I sink
Because I get stronger
Every time that you leave me
I'm more powerful
Every time that you blink.

I wish for once I could close my eyes
And I wouldn't be forced to continue to see
Because lately all I've seen is pain and demise
And I fear that it's coming for you and me.
I want your kiss against my lips
I want your heart in my hands
I want to hop on board the nest ship
And sail to some far away land.
Because in the streets I hear them scream
But I'm stuck alone in my cursed daydream
And I can't find the right time to say the right thing
I can't hear myself speak or even think.

You showed me a world I wasn't ready for
The moment you caught sight of me
And now I wish that I could shut that door
After everything that I've seen
But you leave me wondering and wanting more
Of the cruel world full of love and pain
Becasue before you I didn't know how to swim
And now I find myself floating.

I don't know if I'll continue
Or if I'll simply collapse
Get carried away
Or get caught in a trap
But I'm sailing, far and wide
Towards a truly wonderful perhaps.