Sep 15

A Kind Of Canceling Love

Electricity zapping,
leaving particles floating,
no place to rest.

Where were you those two years when I had nobody,
and the pain felt all the same,
was it reconciliation that brought you back?

Chemistry, nothing,
protons cancel neutrons,
if I was for why did you return?

You needed to be neutral,
to play favorites,
but I needed to fill my hole.

We were made to circle 'round each other and never connect,
a proton circling a neutron,
a nucleus in the center.

I like that you held my hand today,
letting me know I was good,
maybe promising you wouldn't leave.

Will I forget you in the future when another holds my hand?
Or will the memory of your smile still linger.
About the Author: Graceth Harleli
"She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain." ~Louisa May Alcott