Sep 20
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Peaceful Place

Peaceful Place
by: Anna Farber

I can feel the cold grass on the soles of my feet
Summer has just begun
Days of sun and blue sky
Stars twinkling in the night sky
Swimming in lakes and ponds
Walks through the woods
The birds sing
The breeze
Makes the trees dance and sway
The sun peeks through the covered forest
Shining a blanket of heat and light

Why don’t I stay here forever?
Make friends with nature
Climb tall trees
Look out over the beautiful place
I have the privilege of living in
No war
No Drama
No People telling me I can't be who I want
That I have to meet their standards

Dancing through the woods
Singing softly
The woodland creatures feel drawn
To this place of peace
Where they feel safe
OK to be themselves

A voice
Calling me
The peace has left
“You don’t belong here,” it says
You’re not pretty enough
You are stupid
You are a fake.”

I open my eyes
The blanket of light
The birds singing
The days of sun and blue sky
Are gone

It was all just a dream
An event never to occur in real life

Our world has grown into a place
of racism and hate
Where looks are all that matters
A place that could use some peace
A place where everything would work out
Just like that figmented place in my head

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