Sep 30
poem 0 comments challenge: Peace

Stolen Peace

What is peace? 
Where do we find it? 
Whom deserves it? 
What is it? 
A stable boy’s peace may be a gold coin at the bottom of the haystack, a long wealthy life, family to love and cherish. 
What if... 
That’s not my peace? 
Is peace just one thing, one person? 
If the soldier’s peace is a white flag from the opposing side, does that make the stable boy’s peace any less real? 
Did he take that peace? 
Did he harvest that peace, and pull it close like a shadow just to stitch it to his heels like Peter Pan? 
Little girl, head drawn, mind swimming- no! 
Drowning, in endless thought of the void and all that is unknown. 
Little girl wants a date to prom, a happily ever after... 
Is her peace void? 
Does she have to steal that Soldier’s stolen peace, of which he stole from the stable boy? 
Why can’t we share, said the ragged man with the black beanie hat and a ripped shirt. 
You silly fool, said the Stable Boy, the Soldier, and the Little Girl. 
Like everything else, peace... comes with a price.
About the Author: mae_forever
Abigail Buckley