Oct 12

日 月

The sun is still the sun
even without the moon,
he does not miss her
nor does he need her
but they are one another's mirror.

The two are not halves to complete
but wholes to complement.
they were not meant to stand
shoulder to shoulder
with fingers laced.

They do not love
nor do they speak
but they watch.
They nod their heads in passing,
pushing and pulling from one another
and gently gesturing
for the other to step forward.

We were not meant to be.

The translation of the title can be taken two different ways due to the way Chinese characters function.  The first means sun and the second moon, so the title can be taken as "Sun Moon", but when the two characters are placed side by side, they combine to form a character for "Clear".  Take it as you will.  The pinyin is rì yuè.



They stood further apart
and ravines split the dry darkness
between them.
He shone brighter
and hoped she would see,
but she was a faint glimmer,
dying off in the distance.

She coughed,
flecks of silver drifting from her cracking lips
as the dark speckled themselves with stars.
He found it harder to see her in a sky of light.