Oct 19

A Walk In The Eaton Town Forest

When we walked through the meadow to get into the Eaton Forest my friend Gere kept talking about Rock Tree. She said it was a rock that was good to climb on.  We were so excited that we started running. We were wanted to get there from the the start of the trail.  There was a skinny path that only one person could fit on at a time.  There were blackberry brambles on the side so we had to be careful to stay on it. "No, it's a little farther." said Gere.  "It is right after the bridge made out of stone." she said.  Finally we came to the bridge.  It was made of giant rocks laid on top of each other spanning a small brook.  The three of us walked across the bridge and there was Rock Tree!   When we got there I saw that Rock Tree looked like four or five trees growing out of a rock.  It was actually one big trunk that had many large limbs coming out of it.  The first one was almost exactly level with the rock. The next one was a little smaller than the first, but it was a good footstep to get up to the next branch. The third one was pretty wide and long and if you held on to the other branch that was right across from it, you could lean on that second limb and it was a great seat. Rock Tree was a pine tree that had nubby dead branches growing out of it.   They were good for climbing. I tried one side and my friend Gere told me that the other side was really great so I tried that one too.  When I got up, there was a nice place to lean on so I sat back and relaxed.
Then we kept walking and we saw a big series of cliffs.  Gere, me, and my little brother Emmett we're so excited that we decided to climb them. Emmett and I went one way and Gere went the other. When we noticed our way was really hard we tried Gere's and it was much easier.  When we got up pretty far and our parents were still behind we saw a nice pine forest there with pine needles all over the ground. There were lots of animal beds and deer poop was everywhere!  I heard the birds singing and it sounded calm and peaceful.  I realized that the Eaton Forest is a good habitat for our animal friends.
I saw a little mound of moss that looked perfect for a fairy house because it looked like a cozy bed for a fairy friend.  I stuck four branches into it and covered it with leaves so it would be protected and she wouldn't get rained on.  It was perfect!  I thought the fairies would love it.
Soon we got to the end of the trail and there was a scenic route heading off up the hill. We wanted to try it so we started up.  It was so steep!  We hiked for a long time. It was fun.  We saw great views of the changing leaves. There were nice rock resting places. One was a tall rock with some nice moss on it that we sat down on and it was perfect. We walked a while longer and soon the three kids got tired so we walked and walked and walked and we weren't sure when it was going to loop back around so we went back around. There was this cool little rock path that looked to me like the way into a palace!  We walked back down after we passed Rock Tree and there was the rock bridge. We sat down there to look at the little brook.  We saw two cairns that some who came before us had built.  They had a big rock on the bottom, with a slightly smaller one stacked on top of it, all the way down to a pebble on the top.  It was beautiful.  After a few minutes, we kept walking out of our beautiful town forest. It was a very fun day!  I'm so glad that our Selectboard made this land a town forest for everyone to enjoy!