Dec 14
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Wilma and Henry Frog

Wima: No Henry, we are not getting this lily pad.

Henry: Why not? All the other Frogs have them.

Wilma: I don’t care. They don’t match the cattails.

Henry: Fine, what about this one?

Wilma: Too small. There’s not room for both of us.

Henry: Well, what if we got two.

Wilma: We don’t have enough space for two.

Henry: We have to get something.

Wilma: What if we got this leaf?

Henry: No, it always hurts my back when I am hibernating.

Wilma: What if I get this leaf and you get the lilypad you wanted.

Henry: Okay, but we have to pick them up. There’s no free shipping.

Wilma: Well can you do that. I have to pick up more flies for dinner.

Henry: But my backs been hurting.

Wilma: Please!

Henry: Okay fine, I’ll see you later.

Wilma: Oh, stay clear of Bank Street. I hear there’s some fishing going on.

Henry: Okay! Bye.