Dec 15
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Huckle Buckle

                    Huckle Buckle

    As the wind blows it is as if it carries the snow with it. Houses surround me when the snow disappears. I can finally see the bare trees that are as tall as my eyes can see. The road was busy and loud. The sun shines like a thousand gold rings. My eyes gaze at a single glistening snowflake that lands on the surface of my nose. I look in the distance to see mountains covered in snow.

A huge grey rock sits in front of me. A sound grabs my attention. It was coming from behind the rock. As I take a step closer to the rock a white weasel pops its head out. It was fury and small. His nose was pink and his eyes were black.We stare into each others eyes in silence.  I felt as if it was a black hole sucking me in.

It leaps through the snow and then waits. It was as if he himself was telling me to follow. So I take a step forward and stop. The weasel hops to another spot and waits. Then he stops at a corner and came to a halt. My face cold and confused. Thoughts zipped through my mind. What did this weasel want, and what will I find around the corner. I decide to trust him and go around the corner.

“It better not be a monster around there.” I say to the weasel as I lift an eyebrow. He squeaks and shakes his head. Then he galopes around the bend. I slowly step closer and closer around the corner. I had to shield my eyes when I gaze around the corner. Then a man appears when I open my eyes. He stands there in a coat and hat. As I look upon the man's face he holds out his hand and gives me a single bell. Thoughts again race through my mind.

As he walks into the mist I shout, “Wait!!”

He stops and turnes around, “What is your name?”

“Huckle Buckle,” He answered. Then he disappeared into the mist.
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