Jun 25

A Match Into Water

All I see is red
Red for the cancer
             Red for the lucky
                            Red for the death that’s mixed with love and war
Past the golden hour
The rules that break the silence
Watch the majestic tower
             Fall unto thee
                           Be grateful for
                                          Existence in His hallowed face
The martyrs scream upon deaf ears
Towards the final resting place

Shoot for the moon in desperation
Kill all the light to hell
Praying for this late salvation
             Last minute of the rule of three
                           Clinging to infinity
                                          Faith in immortality
                                                         That never favoured me
Wind her past throughout her soul
To the depth of the folds of years
Pay no dues to perpetual
             Ashes in an hourglass
                           The labyrinth of my mind
                                          Wear the crown of hate like thorns
                                                         To the ties that bind
I am imprisoned by obsession
To regret the words unsaid
I am consumed by fire
             Murder by land, death by water
And yet, all I see is red

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