Oct 23

Why we think #digiwrimo is cool

We think National Novel Writing Month is cool (but #digiwrimo is cooler). The fact that the #NaNoWriMo folks have mobilized thousands of people to write thousands of words each day on a novel they haven't yet thought of is absolutely amazing. And for youths, it's great practice.

But, truth be known, we think #digiwrimo has more potential.  What is it? Same idea: Write every day (or as many as you can in the month of November and write about anything at any length. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE DIGIWRIMO PROJECT. 

Because the length thing is one of the flaws of #nanowrimo (in my opinion.) Youths get discouraged by a goal that is quantity, not quality; it's discouraging to miss a few days and still stare at 42,000 words to go. We also see folks get bogged down by their own idea -- it just wasn't working; I wish I could start over. Once you lose heart in an idea, it's really hard to keep going. And we see also that the young writers miss having an audience. I mean, honestly, who's going to read a 20,000 word draft of a novel that isn't quite working? (Sorry, but even your mom isn't gonna read that.)

So when I heard about #digiwrimo, I went bonkers. (really, I swear to goshagolly, I jumped up and down; yes, I CAN move quickly, sometimes.) What is it? Write every day in the month of November. Write about anything, at any length. Share it online. Wow. Here's why I got so excited:
  • It's fun -- write about anything, in any genre, on any topic. Be serious, be funny; write a novel; write a daily six-word-story.
  • It's attainable -- no word count goal, just a goal to write something semi-coherent every day. Write for 7 minutes. Write for an hour. Doesn't matter.
  • There's audience -- Not only here BUT on the digital fluttersphere;  we are going to link and repost and tweet and share all the cool stuff we see AND we hope you will do the same so your stuff gets read by real people all around the real world (and maybe matt damon from mars.)
  • hashtagthat -- You'll be able to follow the #digiwrimo tag here and on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Tumblr to link up to what other people are doing.
  • There are boatloads of ideas -- Some of the best digital storytellers in the world are amassing story challenges and prompts that you can use (fear not, we'll have links, we just haven't gotten to it yet.) -- for sound stories and photo stories, too!
  • Exquisite Corpse -- YWP is participating, somehow, in a digital version of Exquisite Corpse; mid-point in the month, we're going to be given a half-baked story written by several souls around the world; we're going to assemble our best ideas for continuation, choose the very best and put it in. Then we'll pass it on to someone else.
  • PRIZES -- Yes, we saved the best for last. Because fame is one thing, but fortune is another. So we here at YWP, led by the incredible Sarah Gliech (The Hound of Swag-erville), are rustling up some amazing prizes -- tickets and chocolate and books and chocolate and, well, some great stuff. We will be rewarding quality and consistency, people who post the most reactions to others' work, the funniest, the most powerful, the person who invites the most new users to join in.... 
So get ready. 12:01 Nov. 1 2015, #digiwrimo begins. Write a little something every day. Haikus are cool... AND keep this link in mind to get the full drift of what's happening: http://youngwritersproject.org/digiwrimo.
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