Jan 14
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Wasn't That Bad

I'm sorry that I cried when I saw you.
I know you,
Haven't seen you in awhile.
I know your unkept hair,
Your lopsided smile,
Your squinting eyes.
I've remembered your face from the pictures on my mother's mantle.
I've seen your eyes a thousand times,
Just not alive.
I have not seen them move since a few years ago,
Have not seen them since you left for the war.
I missed you.
I guess it wasn't that bad when the man came into school today.
Wasn't that bad that he had a gun
That went off three times.
I did not come here alone. 
There is the math teacher who I don't remember the name of,
But I do know she had two daughters and a husband.
This is the first time I've seen her smile.
And here is my friend, beside me.
I remember when we first came into school,
Just two five-year-olds singing songs and holding hands.
We were holding hands when the man came into our classroom,
Tears streaming down our faces.
We are holding hands now.
And despite those two white wings peeking over your shoulders,
over the math teacher's,
over my father's, 
The wings I know are on my own back,
I am happy.
No, it wasn't so bad.