Jan 15
poem 0 comments challenge: Love

A "Very Strong Liking" Poem

What if I told you that I would die for you?
What if I said the world was ending,
And I would to stand by you while everything else wilted away?
What if you told me you didn’t feel the same?
What if you did feel that way,
Except for someone else?
What if I revealed what I feel whenever I look at you,
Just by saying three simple words?
Maybe we weren’t meant to be.
Maybe you were always destined to be with that one person,
That wasn’t who you wanted it to be.
Maybe you will dedicate your life to them,
Forfeit everything you have ever thought,
Ever believed,
Ever grasped in your heart,
For the person you know would never give the same to you.
Do you know that you hold my heart in your hands?
Do you know that you have the power to ruin me completely?
I used to think that my life was worthless without you.
That without your recognition,
I was no one.
But then I found that I am my own person,
And the only respect I need is from myself.
I need to choose me before I can choose anyone else.
I do not need your affection.
And that is why I had to say goodbye.