Jan 22

School Dances

Like a reef lost at sea
He swayed helplessly in the dim room.
His friends were no lifelines to him,
As they moved hypnotically around
Blinking blue lights strung around the space.
He pawed feebly at his tie;
As it choked him almost as tight
As his anxiety was this night.
Past his watery gaze she passed,
Dress and hair flowing behind her
Like a wonder from the sea
That only a half-crazed sea captain could dream.
He was drowning all right,
But the first time that night,
He felt like fight back.
Like changing tides,
The next song played to his favor.
From rough rock transitioned
To a soft melody.
She knew what he desired
The moment he approached,
And wrapped her bare arms around him
For a gentle dance.
Then just like that,
He breathed unhindered.