Jan 23
poem 0 comments challenge: Forest
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A forest is a thought
Everything is linked
Although you can’t see it
The forest keeps growing
You still can’t see it
You’ll never know
It could be older than the oldest thing you can think of, or
It could be younger than you.
You gaze upon a forest.
A forest of thought and possibility
And you are lost.
Lost among the infinite.
Time itself slows as you approach.
The possibilities increase.
Now you’re leaving
The point at which coming and going
Is a blurred line scattered among the fallen leaves.
You’ll never know when stopped thinking and started doing
Or was it the other way around?
How long have you been wondering?
Wandering through your forest.
Have you seen that tree before
Thought that thought
You’ll might never know.
The forest.
The forest will continue to grow.
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