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Security Breach

December 18th, 2020

           On that fateful day, like every other day, I was protecting the president. John Baker was his name, and let’s just say you either hated the man or loved him, there was no in between. We thought the convoy was the toughest to puncture through. We had him the 3rd limousine in front of all the secret service SUVs and military humvees. But nothing would have prepared us for the shear number of hostiles that came our way. 

             We turned down a side street, our destination was the US Embassy. Something felt wrong about this street, too many open windows, too many high vantage point for my liking. I was right about that street, everyone in the 20 car convoy was. Before I could comprehend what to think about the street, a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) flew across the sky strait into the 1st limousine. The limousine burst into formula orange flames. The convoy erupted into panic. A ringing sound buzzed in my ears at the gunshots that followed. “We’ve trained for this” I whispered to myself, trying to keep myself from losing it. Before I could get a handle on what was happening the second limousine had been struck from what seemed to be a gigantic explosion. The man with the RPG was back. 

              Our limousine started stalling, as bullets started flying at us. But luckily the driver kicked it into gear and tried to make a break for it. We looked back and saw that the RPG barely missed us and hit the SUV behind us, stopping the convoy. Driving past the wreckage of the limousine was a sad sight, but we had to keep pushing forward. After we got out of the hot zone we noticed that the convoy wasn’t behind us, we were all alone in this. At that moment we heard a swishing sound of a propeller but didn’t think much of it.
My Nokia phone started going off, I thought it would probably someone from the White House asking if John was okay. It was in unmarked number and stupidly I answered it. An eerie, dark voice spoke quietly, saying the quivering words only once… “Turn Around” shocked at what the man said I froze in place at what I heard the swishing was back and this time it was ear piercingly loud. An Apache helicopter was soaring right above us, we heard as the rockets roared to life, and shot down the road towards us. Never in my life was I that scared. I screamed “we’ve trained for this!” Truth be told we’ve never trained for a rocket slamming into the back of the limousine. 

               I thought I woke up under the rubble of the limousine having no idea if everyone was okay. I didn’t really want to know what happened to them. To be honest I thought I was dead, I thought that these were my last seconds of life. Then I heard a scream followed my gunshots, I had come to my senses. 
Sitting up 
I saw that I was nowhere close to what dead meant, a couple scrapes but that’s about it. And then I looked around me to see I had been flung out of the burning carcass of the limousine I was once in. Those gunshots were from the secret service trying to push back who had ever tried to come for us. I couldn’t believe that I was okay, then it hit me… the President could still be in the car. 

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