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    She looks at herself in the reflection of the neighborhood swimming pool down the road from her house and thinks, why am I even here? All alone, by herself, hearing absolutely nothing while chlorine fills her nose. Unable to swim, this beautiful teenage girl looks into the pool and sees nothing but a dark soul with nothing to look forward to. A couple months ago, many things have happened: she started to feel loneliness, hearing only dark thoughts in her head, and began to enjoy this feeling. She has been depressed and had anxiety and has learned to accept that feeling until last night at her birthday party. “Which brings me right here” she said out loud.

    Here, at this swimming pool, she stands up and looks at the bottom thinking only about the events of last night. “How could something like this happen to me?” She wonders in despair. Slowly, but surely, she walks closer to the pool still thinking about last night. You can see the bruise above my knee from when he hit me. On the edge of the pool she stops and looks around, waiting for that one special person to save her. But then he comes, so she jumps.

    People talk about their life flashing before their eyes, this is the time that that phrase becomes her reality. She flashes back to her first memory, five years old during her birthday, her father smiling down at her handing her the big birthday cake. She remembers being so happy. Flash forward to her thirteenth birthday, she sees her dad on his last happy day. She remembers being happy that her dad smiled. Oh crap! She thought, flailing her arms, I can’t swim. Hearing a splash through the water she turns around and saw a tall figure swimming towards her. She reaches out and he grabs her hand. Resurfacing, she gasps for breath, looking around and saw her dad. “I’m… sorry” she gulped in a hurry.

    “Shh. It’s ok. I got you. You’re safe now.” And she truly did feel safe. She was home.
About the Author: Joe Jigg Futt
"I open at the close."
~Albus Dumbledore