Feb 27
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Poetry Riot -- Thanks for coming.

Poetry Riot
with Young Writers Project, Inc./The Poetry Experience
Hosted By Rajnii Eddins

FREE - $3 Suggested Donation

Poetry Riot (formally known as Poetry Slam) is ArtsRiot's longest running residency. True to the motto Destroy Apathy, it is a local open mic and platform of expression for experienced and budding poets alike. We pride ourselves on holding a warmly inviting inclusive space that is safe to be vulnerable and authentic in and to share your unique expression. All are welcome! This event is sponsored by the Young Writers Project.

Featured Poets:
Wade Whitney Whitehead
Cameron Steele
Angela Hope Crespo
Rivan Calderin
Nasteha Abdullahi

Wade Whitney Whitehead was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He got into poetry about 4 years ago after his little sister began to write and perform. He is in love with self expression, and believes that poetry is one of the most beautiful forms of expression. All of his poems are very personal and he tries to paint vivid pictures for his audience.

Cameron Steele is currently attend the University of Vermont he is a freshmen studying Mechanical Engineering. He came into poetry his freshman year of high school, but has never publicly spoke it. It’s just recently when he decided to start speaking because everyone always values what he has to say.

I am Angelica Hope Crespo. I go to the University of Vermont where I study Social Work and Community and International Development. I use she/her pronouns. I identify as an Afro-Latina from the Bronx, New York. My family is from Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. I am a social justice activist with a focus on womxn of color. I am currently the Logistics Chair and Co-Founder of the Womyn of Color Coalition and am working on a research project called "Chopped Cheese" or the "Cheese Burger on Sub Roll": An Alternative Perspective to Food Deserts in the Inner City of New York. Additionally, I am writing a poetry book called Mango Tree Magic which speaks on healing, self-love, resilience, injustice, womxn of color, power, and the pursuit of freedom. I am a woman of color who believes the resilience of communities of color. When I write, I am speaking up for myself, my family, my community, my ancestors, and those who come after me. I believe in art and I believe in divine oneness. I currently reside in Burlington, Vermont. 

Rivan Calderin, aka Rivan C., is a rapper/R&B artist who draws inspiration from musicians such as Mos Def, J. Cole, Sam Cooke, and poets like Jose Marti, Langston Hughes, and many more. Rivan, a senior at Burlington High School, grew up the son of DJ Luis Calderin who has exposed him to all sorts of music. Each genre has molded him into the young man he is today. A lover, not a fighter, a passionate writer, Rivan C. strives to create a voice for the youth and better those around him through his art. 

I am a 17-year old African-American female. I am currently a senior at Burlington High school. I have always enjoyed loved doing social justice work, but recently I've striven to raise awareness through spoken word and slam poetry.
Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 28, 2018