Mar 09

A million possibilities


Do I feel safe?

"Why do they have us hide in the corner?"
says one of my friends.
"It's school, it's not like the shooter
is stupid enough to think we won't be there!
They'll hear the drill, won't they?
they'll know we're hiding."

Hiding in a corner
squeezing our eyes shut
hoping that the breath 
won't be the last we breathe
that day.

Hiding in a corner hoping that
this is just another drill,
that we won't be another Parkland
that our world won't collapse
around us.

Hiding in a corner
pieces of nightmares we have all had
flashing through our heads
and thinking about friends
that could be lost.

Hiding in a corner
we were giggling a little bit once
but that was before we heard
of the people that barged in and
had a gun in their hand,
before we heard of the seventeen dead.

Hiding in a corner,
squeezing each others hands tight
and praying that nothing ever happens
in this school, 
but you never think it will be you
and then it is.

Hiding in a corner,
wondering if you told your parents
"i love you" 
before you went to school 
that day or if you hugged your sister.

Hiding in a corner,
that moment when you realize
that the two sets of doors aren't 
just there to keep the cold out
but for something more sinister.

Hiding in a corner,
wondering if they will soon
be announcing on the TV
that you could have been 
so much more than
the world let you be.

Hiding in a corner,
a million possibilities flashing 
through your head until 
you hear the voice announcing
the end of a drill 
and you sigh.


Do I feel safe?

How can I feel safe?

About the Author: Nightheart
"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion"- Albert Camus