Mar 28
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The tree

At the top of this tree i feel safe all I can see is miles of grass blowing in the wind and nothing can get to me it's not my reality when I’m up here its a place where i'm happy and nothing bad can happen it a place filled with magic and a place full of something that looks like it came strategically out a fairy tail the perfect happy ending when I’m up here its as if all of the real world is just fading away with every passing moment and it's like this is  reality like there’s no going home but waiting at the bottom of the tree is a portal back to reality and as i climb down the tree everything starts to come back they crime the sadness of the real world he things that i wish would go away forever the dream that was at the top of the tree is gone and that magical place my fairy tail its gone i a dream for another day. Standing in the grass all i can see is the real world the wind blowing in my hair as i walk away from the tree the place I dream of is gone and there’s nothing i can do but go home and face the fact that all of the dream on top of the tree is only a dream and is not going to come true so everyday I will go to the tree and dream of that magical place and it will be a dream to make all of my problems fade.  A way of guidance to make a better life. The tree is my safe place and always will be. With every step every dream fades away like the stars as the sun rises. And with every star that fades is a new rain drop in its's like those beautiful snowflakes that fall in the winter but it melts away to reveal nothing but mad and slush. 
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