Apr 02

Our Time

Stop, my people, put down your guns and listen. My home, our home, Earth, is in grave danger. We need your help. We’ve all lived here since we were in our mother’s womb, and none of us can survive without Earth. It’s dying because of us. Think of the world we live in: lush rainforests and bright coral, soft animals and sweet flowers. Now imagine the ground bare where there used to be grass, oceans turned to ice and ice turned to deserts, deserts turned to stone and stone turned to ash. We created this mess for ourselves and unless we want our entire species to end up gone forever, you need to open your eyes. Open them to see that climate change is real. You can’t just keep putting it off and ignoring the facts. This is real. This is not something for the future generations to fix, this is now. This is our time to save the world. 
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Rosie Lowry
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