Apr 05

What We Are Teaching

*This was thrown together in 5 ish minutes, so it's really bad. I posted it less about the writing, and more about you reading between the lines and getting the deeper message.*

Just because you know something is wrong doesn't mean that it won't enter your life. The influences in our lives are just too strong. And that's the thing. No matter what we say, demand, prod, poke, teach, instill, or any other manner--we are showing our children what there is to see. And it's telling them a message much louder and clearer than any of the messages that we give. It's our culture. We want change. That is very clear. But to change we not only have to teach the non-believers, convince the powers, and rally "the troops", but we also have to teach the new generation. The games that 2-year-olds are playing on iPads and tablets and all manner of other devices--guns, violence, good vs bad, it's all telling them things! And what about ads on TV--objectification, foods that are causing killing diseases, stereotypes. What we teach them, is what the world is going to become. Just remember that.