Apr 06
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The loose brick

I walk alone with the sun in my eyes and a drop of sweat rolling down my cheek. I look to my right at the old factory wall. They reddish brown bricks slowly fading to grey. I look up wale still walking to see hundreds of bricks all different towering up to the rusty third story balcony. I trip over a small stump that was cut down to make a path. I get up with a small scratch and look about a few feet in front of me to see a brick much older then the others with weak plaster holding it in place. I walk over to it and try to grip onto it. I can't get a good hold but for some reason I want to get it out. I reach down and pick up a rock a little bit bigger than my palm. I chip at the plaster until I can slip my fingers in and pull out the brick. A small piece of paper drifts down from the now empty space.  It reads 

To whoever is reading this is the future,

The date is 1909

My town has just imprisoned imprisoned me for murder

My wife was killed by someone but it wasn't me

Even in the darkest times you can still be happy

Please pass on my words and spread my legacy

I  put down the note and run home. I open the door and tell my parents what happened. They think I am making up this story. So I say let's go back and I will show you the note. They put on their shoes and walk out the door with me. We walk along the road until the cut through were the not building is. We walk down and I see the brick lying on the ground and the small hole in the wall. “Come on” I say pulling on my dad’s hand. I pick up the brick were I had left the note. Just a sandy dirt below it. No note anywhere. I check the wall and the ground around there, nothing. 

“I swear it was here!” I yell 

We turn around and start to walk home, the sun in my eyes and a drop of sweat rolling down my cheek.
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