Apr 23

Data Snake

My hand twitches
Like a snake, it slithers toward my pocket.
Looking for a flashy device
that will provide an escape from boring reality,
gulping down music, images, videos
to feed itself  
hungry for more
maybe one day it will finally
shed its skin.
My hand comes out empty.
My prey has escaped.
I feel the panic setting in.
Desperately rummaging around,
looking for a part of myself
that I have lost.
But then I remember.
It's in my backpack.
Warm relief drips through my body.
Nothing to worry about.
I unzip the my backpacks sack.
Peeking into a dark hole,
all I see is a bunch of forgotten clutter.
My phone shines like a beacon of light
through the jumbled mess.
I yank it out, along with my headphones
ready to jam to some catchy tunes.
I scream in horror.
The headphones are a tangled up disaster.
A knotted bizzare lump of plastic.  
Damn it, not again!
How much time have I wasted
on untangling headphones?
My hands twirl around
like mechanical ballerinas
trying to solve the convoluted puzzle.
Finally the pieces fall into place.
I jam the jack into its hole
and cram the buds into my ears.
The noise and chatter around me
fade into white noise
replaced by the latest catchy pop song.

About the Author: platypiguy101
William Keeton