Apr 24
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Today, I'm wearing Converse Sneakers.
Black and bruised, they've molded to my feet perfectly
Their scuffed edges supporting my heels
The old canvas hugging my toes
The toughness they have from coming out of all the dirt they've stepped through
Makes my step stronger, prouder, more upright.
Today, I'm wearing blue skinny jeans.
They've gotten rid of that new pants feel, and are at that place
Where they still fit but don't squeeze the oxygen out of your legs. 
I like that when I walk, I could be skipping or jumping or tumbling
And it wouldn't matter.
Today, I'm wearing my little sister's shirt
She always looks so effortlessly chic in whatever she pulls out of the drawer
I'm hoping this cropped camouflage-printed top holds some of that same magic
And that it rubs off on me. 
When I swing my arms, the soft fabric brushes against them
I think it means something that people can see my stomach
And I'm not hugging my arms around myself all the time to hide it 
Today, I'm wearing my hair down.
And it is tangled and messy and tumbling down my shoulders
And I am letting it. 
The breeze lifts its knots in the air, flipping them in its fingers gently
Before delicately putting them down to rest on my back. 
Today, I'm wearing a smile.
Sometimes I paint it on
And some moments it simply materializes- 
Tomorrow, I hope 
That it doesn't disappear.