Apr 24

Young Writers Project

Young Writers Project.
I can't believe less than a year ago
I didn't know this site existed.
Now I am always logging on
to see if my friends have posted anything new,
if anyone has replied to my feedback,
if the latest edition of The Voice is out.
To me, it's a place I can be totally honest
and I know that will be met with nothing but positivity.
It's nurtured my writing so much
taught me it's ok to mess up the first time,
taught me my actions have a consequence,
taught me poetry doesn't have to rhyme.
And I feel we all know each other
even if it's through a screen,
because words have bridged the gap.
It is constant refuge
to remind me I'm not alone.
A place to be heard.
A way to escape education
and gain some knowledge.
Because in a world where youth
think of writing as a burden,
we know the truth.
After all,
"The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself." -Albert Camus