Apr 25

Writers Please Read!

Hello writers!
As many of you know, our website was compromised last weekend when the server that houses the site had a problem. As a result, we had to remove all material posted between 4/17 and 4/21 for a few tech-y reasons we need not get into.
Fear not - we did not lose the material and we've reposted it. (You should see your work reposted in your personal blogs now.)
HOWEVER - despite not losing the writing, we have lost much of its corresponding data. This includes:

  • "challenge" selections 
  • tags (such as "Daily Read," etc.)
  • publication information
  • privacy settings 
  • accompanying photos/audio
We will do our best to update your pieces, but some information may be tricky to find or could be lost in the void entirely. Please take a minute to look over your work and if you notice anything missing, please add it to your blog -- or send a message to Anna (aesythe on the site) or email [email protected] and she can help!
Thank you!