May 04
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The Talk

"This is your last chance."

​His words echoing,
As I jumped.

​This was my last chance,
​my last chance to be happy,
​to fix all I had done wrong.

I failed,
​I had one chance and I blew it.

I remember this talk,
​how I promised to try one more time,
​but if failure occurred,
​he understood the outcome.

Which is why he is not here,
​he knows where I am,
​he knows this is the last time he will see me,
yet somehow,
he knows this is what's best.

I think of him,
​as my shaking fingers grasp nothing,
my body tumbling downwards,
and how proud he would be.

​I took my chance,
​and now I am keeping my promise,
​not only to him but to myself,
​by ending the sorrow. 
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