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Camilla the Superhero

Camila has always been a funny girl, she always wore glasses, and she hated attention. She was almost never noticed in high school and not in college, and she liked that in some ways. Her best friend Lily was her rock and was practically her sister. All the craziness started when Camila broke her glasses, being clumsy and falling down two flights of stairs of her apartment building. Her glasses broke, and she was expecting not to be able to see but what surprised her was she could see clearly. She could see more than clearly.
"Crap!" Camila yelled
She got up and grabbed her glasses; then she ran into her apartment. Sitting on the couch was Lily and oh was she happy about that.
"Help Me!" Camila screamed shoving the glasses at Lily
"Oh, you need help fixing them? I cant fix them I have no clue how" Lily said confused
"No! I mean I can see! Without my glasses, I can see!" Camila yelled at her best friend who was looking at her like she was insane
"Amila you cannot see without your glasses if you could you would not have them," Lily said calming Camila down
"But I can," Camila said
"maybe your eyes got better? It happens all the time." Lily suggested
"Maybe," Camila said unsure
A couple of days later she needed to find Lily. Lily had not been home in two days, and she was worried. All of the sudden she could see through the wall and she saw Lily at her boyfriend's cabin in the woods. The cabin was miles outside the city where they lived.
"HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL!!" Camila screamed terrified
She sat there for a long time dumbstruck until Lily came home.
"Hey, sorry for not calling I was at-" Lily started
"I saw you at the cabin," Camila said bluntly
"How? Did you follow us?" Lily said concerned 
"No, I was here at the apartment, and I saw you through the x-ray vision or something," Camila said dumbstruck
"What?" Lily gaped at her
They lived in a world where aliens exist along with humans. Humans have the alliance with them, but none of them have tried to live on earth. They could, the atmosphere was okay for them, but they did not want to. Although aliens could live on earth humans could not live on there planet because of the atmosphere. 
"I am an alien" Camila whispered
"You are like an x-men" Lily laughed
"Hey! Those were good comics!" Camila said defensively
"Good movies too" Lily added 
"So now what?" Camila asked
"You should be a superhero!" Lily suggested
"No way! I want to be normal!" Camila said
"Fine but if you change your mind I will help you," Lily said
"Ok," Camila said
Eventually, she did become a hero. She discovered she has laser eye vision, teleportation, and she could temporally turn people to stone as well as the x-ray vision. She became the greatest hero ever, and Lily was with her through all of it. 
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