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The Woods

Evan and his group of friends were walking over to the baseball field when he hears something coming from in the woods. He stops and walks towards the edge of the woods. He can hear whispering and feet crunching on the leaves.

    “Evan, you comin’?” Asked one of his friends Charlie.

    “Yah, I’m coming.” He said with a delay. Their baseball team is the Raptors of North Bay High School. They’re on the top 5 list in the state. They rank in at a solid three on a good game day. They are starting in the field first since they are the home team. Charlie is the pitcher and Evan is the catcher just like his dad. Evan is not the best person that coach could have picked as starting catcher. There’s Andrew, Nick, Adam or even Jake would have been better than him. But Charlie was their best pitcher and he only pitched his best when Evan was his catcher. Charlie was a great all around ball player. He was the main reason that they are third in their division. Although, he wasn’t cocky about it. He is a very respectful team mate, even to the other team when they were losing.

They ended up winning the game 7-3. It was over in 5 innings before the ump called it because it was getting dark. The game could have gone on for like 4 more innings. But, the other team was from down south so they had to get home. Evan and Charlie are neighbors. They do everything together. Actually, Charlie only started playing baseball because Evan told him he should at least try out. And that was in the 4th grade. They are now sophomores in high school.

The two boys were walking home from their game when Evan heard the footsteps again. He stops dead in his tracks. He turned his head and looked at the trail that leads into the woods. He starts towards it.

“Evan what’re you doing?” Charlie asks as he follows him. Evan doesn’t stop to answer him. The whispering gets louder as he goes deeper into the woods. Charlie keeps calling after him and following close by. Evan is ignoring everything he says until he hears a loud CRACK! The whispers stop. All he can do is look around to see who did it because it was definitely not him. He looks behind him and sees Charlie raising his head. It was him.

Evan snaps his head around to hear footsteps running away. Without thinking, he sprints towards them. Charlie following and ending up right beside him. They hear a loud thud. The footsteps continue out of the woods. Evan kept running, but Charlie tripped over something. He screamed.

“Charlie what is it?” Evan yells back to him. There’s no answer. He turns his head back and sees Charlie sitting in the ground stunned. He looks back the way he was running and turns back and goes over to Charlie. Before he even gets there he sees it. A body is laying there on the ground. He’s about 5’6 brown hair and red Nike sneakers. Jason.

“J-J-J-Jason.” Charlie says with a stutter. Evan takes out his phone and calls his dad to come and help. His dad is the sheriff. In less than 5 minutes the police are here. Evan explains what happened because Charlie is still too stunned to speak a full sentence. They take Jason and puts him in the ambulance to take him away.

“Jason is gone. I’m sorry boys but I need to ask you a few questions. How did you find Jason?” The sheriff asked them.

“Well,” Charlie started once he was able to speak again. “We had just won our baseball game and we were starting to walk home when Evan started going into the woods because he said he had heard whispering and footsteps. I was calling to him but I think that he was so focused on trying to find the voices that he heard that he didn’t answer. So, I followed him in.”

“That's when Charlie stepped on a stick. There was a loud crack and it made whoever was trying to get rid of Jason’s body startled and everything went quiet. Then we heard a loud thud and then they started running. We cased after them until Charlie tripped. I went back to see if he was ok and he just sat there looking at it. It was Jason’s body. Then we called you.” Evan said as Charlie finished. His dad gave him a stern look. Evan’s body went cold.

“I believe you guys. You are good kids so I don’t think that you guys would do ANYTHING like this. But, I do need to take you down for some questioning at the station. Just so that we can put your words into the case file.” His dad started to walk away when Evan heard something. The whispers.

“Dad wait!” He yelled, “They’re close by. I can hear them. I’m sure of it.”

“Evan I think you’ve had enough excitement for one night. Let’s get you two home.”

“Wait sheriff. I can hear them too.” Said one of the other officers. The sheriff put his ear to where the other officer was pointing. There they were again. Not very far off in the distance. Evan starts running. As soon as he knows it Charlie is right beside him. Charlie looks back and sees the sheriff behind them with the other officers. Evan stops dead in his tracks. Charlie though, instead of stopping he runs straight into a tree. Evan gives off a little chuckle.

There they are he says to himself. The sheriff is here now.

“Dad they’re right there!” he points to the men who he sees. Before the two boy know it there are officers of both sides of the men.

“Stop right there!” Evan’s dad yells at the men. They turn and look at him. From behind, two officers put handcuffs on them and threw them into the car. Evan’s mom comes to pick him and Charlie up and brought them home.

Jason’s funeral was a week later. His mom wheepng, his dad trying to stay strong. His little sister is trying not to cry. Charlie and Evan went to join the rest of the team. Jason played shortstop, right next to Evan. Although, they were never as good of friends as Evan and Charlie. The undertaker finishes and then it’s the teams turn. With Charlie as the captain, he starts with the speech.

“Jason was an amazing teammate. Not just on the field, but off the field as well. One of the things that we all loved about Jason was how supportive he was throughout everything that goes on. If we lose a game, he’s always there to comfort you. Through everything that I’m telling you you are probably thinking that Jason was a softy. Maybe he was, but he was also a warrior. Nothing could go through him. Somebody says anything bad, watch out, Jason’s there. After saying all of this, we have made a decision as a team. We are going to retire Jason’s jersey and number. The number 8 will never be worn on the Raptors team. Jason will be missed with such sorrow.” They all bowed their heads and walked back to where they were standing. Charlie laid Jason’s jersey on to of the casscate and walked back to join everyone.

Everyone went back to their normal lives after about two weeks. The baseball was on another winning streak and goes on to win the state championship. Though, Evan and Charlie never walked past those woods again.

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