Aug 10


It's true that life can be so unpredictable and unreasonable
But that doesn't give you the reason to quit and forget all you ever had
To shut away everything you hold dear down in your heart
And run away, away in the dark of your doom.

But with all these decisions you make, you  got to remember, that you are living in reality
And here, nothing ever comes easy, nothing
It takes people years of hard work to get what they want in order to be truly happy
And sometimes, they die trying.

But you, life just turn you down once
And yet, you are crying like a baby who misses his/her mom
You love when things come easily to you
But this is reality man,  things don't always come the way you want them to.

Those successful people you see ou there
They didn't become successful just by thinking about it
They become successful but working hard to their limits
And not by wanting it.

So many like you have gone the wrong way
But I don't want you to turn out just like them
I care too much about you to let you leave the right way
That why I'm telling you this, cause I want to help you, to save you. 

About the Author: Mr. What a drag
Hussein Amuri