Sep 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Portrait


your eyes could pierce me from a mile away
a seafoam blue, with a touch of grey
our meeting spot was on the dock by the bay
oh, if only you were real

your hair was as soft as honey and dew
if would part to the side as the wind blew
I didn't love each you back, which you obviously knew
oh, if only you were real

you wore ripped tees and light washed jeans
wire rimmed glasses, cracked phone screens
we only met each other when we were thirteen
oh, if only you were real

your laugh was contagious, so playful and light
you and I were just friends, no dating insight
but you had asked me out that night
oh, I'm so glad that isn't real

you and I, we don't really talk anymore
I try not to think of you knocking on my door
but I still have your note hidden in my drawer
sometimes I wish you were real

About the Author: Anouk_VB
Anouk Von Bernewitz
Author has not loved anything.