Sep 03
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1.5 Million Things

I am not just human, I am 1.5 million things.
I am just like a bird, free, but no wings. 

So no I don't fly, but I can see the clouds.
But despite my high spirit, I am definitely not a crowd.

Yes, I am shy, like a squirrel or bug.
But usually, I get over it with a smile and a shrug.

I don't have many friends, only one or two.
I swear people would like me if only they knew..

I am decently bright, but not as much as the sun.
I am genuine, kind-hearted, and pretty much fun. 

I am a fast rapid river, and I go with the flow.
But growing for me, was just a no-go.

I am a stump, five foot, four and a half.
But it's cool to be short, so it's fine, I just laugh.

My eyes and hair are soft and bright.
The colour of chocolate, that I sneak in at night,

But I prefer vanilla, with reeses chunks.
Love showing off my cheeks of a big chipmunk.

I don't like a few things such as my stomach, hands and feet.
But those are the little things that most people don't really see. 

But I do like my soul, which isn't a metaphor.
For my soul is a real object, not a word thrown in for more.

So I am 1.5 million things, make that 1.9. 
Because I am a human, and I grow until I run out of time. 

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